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New York State Annual Report 2023: Error Checks & Submission

Data and Instructions for completing the New York State Annual Report.

Almost Done!

Before the report can be submitted, all error checks must be addressed.

Error checks are instances where the report is programmed to flag answers that differ dramatically from previous reports and discrepencies among certain connected answers.



Error Checks

To find error checks, go to the Status & Printing tab.

For each identified error check, make sure the number/answer is correct and adjust if needed,

If the number/answer is correct, add a note explaining why.

Submitting the Report

Once all questions have been answered and all error checks have been addressed, the report can be submitted.

To submit the report, click on Status & Printing and click Submit.

Submission will fail if there are unanswered questions or open error checks.

Once the report is submitted, no further changes can be made.

If you discover an error after submission, contact the system to unlock the report.