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New York State Annual Report 2023: Section 3: Programs, Etc.

Data and Instructions for completing the New York State Annual Report.


This section relates to programs, policies, and services. The state has set forward some specific categories, like  'Summer Reading Program' or 'Early Literacy Program'.

  • Count Imagination Library (Dolly Parton) deliveries (Dolly's program) in as one-on-one programs (3.31)
    • Count deliveries made, not books sent.
  • Take & Makes count as one-on-one programs (3.31)
  • Storytimes count as early literacy programs
  • Virtual programming can be counted if it was done live
    • Count peak concurrent viewers
  • For recorded programs, count views during the first 30 days after posting

Q3.17-3.32 Program Questions. These have been significantly restructured to better match library data capturing, with new subsections:

  • Live Programs Categorized by Age,
  • Live Programs Categorized by Venue
  • Prerecorded and One-on-One Programs.

Additionally, Synchronous has been changed to Live and Asynchronous has been changed to Prerecorded.



For libraries without door counters:

  • Count visitors during one standard (non-summer) week and extrapolate

Do not count curbside interactions as visits. 


If you're not sure if you have a particular policy, look at your prior year annual report.  These policies should be in one place for easy reference.

If you have a question, please contact 4CLS.

3.4 Does the library have an Open Meeting Policy? Y/N

  • While some libraries have an actual separate Open Meeting Policy, some have language that references compliance with Open Meetings Law in their bylaws or another policy. This would be satisfy this question.

3.6 Does the library have an Internet Use policy? You are legally required to have this! 

3.8 Does the library have a board-approved Conflict of Interest policy? You are legally required to have this! 

3.10 Does the library have a board-approved Sexual Harassment policy? You are legally required to have this! 

Registered Borrowers

The Big Data file provides a breakdown of each library's patrons by User Category 1 (Location)

Sort them into resident and non-resident categories based on your library's chartered service area.