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New York State Annual Report 2023: Section 4: Transactions

Data and Instructions for completing the New York State Annual Report.


This section covers circulation and other library transactions.

Circulation data can be found in the Big Data spreadsheet.  Circulation data is broken down by Item Category 1.  You'll need to combine them into the state's categories. 

  • See the Item Descriptions List for unfamiliar categories
  • Count YA as adult


  • 4.12 Use of Electronic Material – add the numbers for Overdrive/Libby use  to the number for Digital Magazine Use (also add Hoopla use if applicable)
  • 4.13 Successful Retrieval of Electronic Information – (we are currently unable to track database use by library - enter 0)
    • If an error check shows up add this note "the system's authentication protocol cannot identify a specific library's patrons".
  • 4.19 Reference Transactions (see box below for instructions)
  • 4.20 Virtual Reference – This includes answering questions by e-mail.  If you do this, enter “Y”
  • 4.21 ILL Provided – from Big Data
  • 4.22 ILL Received - from Big Data

Reference Questions

Reference Transactions are information consultations in which library staff recommend, interpret, evaluate, and/or use information resources to help others to meet particular information needs. This also includes unscheduled assistance.  

DO Count:

  • Author/Title lookup (& placing holds)
  • Reader's Advisory questions
  • Unscheduled computer assistance
  • Questions answered in person, by phone, fax, & e-mail

DO NOT Count:

  • Directional questions (where is the bathroom)

If your library does not keep a daily count, you can count over one week and extrapolate.

4.19 Virtual Reference  - Answer Y is your library answers reference questions by e-mail or chat

Item Category 1 Descriptions

Overdrive Usage 2023

Digital Magazine Usage