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New York State Annual Report 2023: Part 6: Staff

Data and Instructions for completing the New York State Annual Report.

Staff Information

Use this section to enter information about library staff.  Report on all paid positions (no volunteers).  Report time as FTE (full time equivalent)

  • 6.1 – Enter the hours per week considered full time for employees.  You will use this figure to calculate the rest of this section
  • 6.2 – 6.11 – For each line that is appropriate, add up the total weekly hours of staff in that category and divide by the figure you entered in 6.1
  • Include vacant positions in calculations if they remain in the budget

Calculating FTE:

Library A uses 37.5 Hours a week for full time.  They have one director and two clerks.
Terry, the director works 37.5 hours per week
Bob, the library clerk, works 12 hours per week
Roberta, the library clerk,  works 30 hours per week
For this library, the answer for 6.2 is  the directors weekly hours divided by the answer from 6.1 (37.5) = 1.00 FTE
For 6.10, add the clerks' hours (42), and divide by the Full Time figure (37.5) = 1.12 FTE