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New York State Annual Report 2023: Section 10: Board of Trustees

Data and Instructions for completing the New York State Annual Report.

Board of Trustees

Report Board positions and information as of February 1, 2024. The state wants a current list of Board members.

  • Indicate the number of trustees as stated in the library's charter documents.
  • Include trustee changes that resulted from Board of Regents approved amendments to the charter.
  • If the library has a range of trustees, the current number of trustees should be listed in the library's by–laws, in addition to the range.
  • Indicate the number of current voting positions according to the current by–laws.
  • Report only the total number of voting positions on the library board.
  • Include vacant positions.
  • Do not include ex–officio (non–voting members or community liaison) to the library board.

Trustee Terms

  • Indicate the beginning and end dates of the trustee's term.
  • If a new trustee is filling a partial term, the end date may be different depending on the type of library and the method of trustee selection (election or appointment).
  • Typically all trustees that have full terms should have terms that start in the same month (with differing years) and end in the same month (with differing years) (e.g. if the terms are based on the calendar year all trustees would have terms beginning in January and ending in December; the months should not vary from trustee to trustee if they are serving full terms).
    • Example: Trustee is filling the remainder of [name]'s term, which was to run from beginning date to ending date.
  • For trustees elected by the voters – the end date (year) for a new trustee who is filling someone else's term would reflect that the position will be filled at the next election.
  • For trustees appointed by a municipality or district – the end date for a new trustee filling someone else's term would typically be the same end date as that of the trustee who vacated the position.