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Continuing Education and Professional Development: 4CLS Webinar Recordings


Below you'll find the descriptions and links to the recordings of recent webinars hosted by the Four County Library System. If you have any questions, or would like a copy of the webinar slides or handouts, or you would like to request continuing education certificate for watching one of the recorded webinars, please contact Circe at 

Recorded Webinar- Collection Development Webinar Series- Acquisitions with Megan Biddle (4CLS) and Sarah Reid (4CLS)

Collection Development Webinar Series- Acquisitions with Megan Biddle (4CLS) and Sarah Reid (4CLS)

How do you figure out which books to purchase on a limited budget?  Join Megan and Sarah to learn about resources that can help you decide which new books will fit best in your collection!  We’ll cover where to find reviews, which lists might be helpful, and what awards to keep an eye on.  You’ll come away with a list of tools that can assist in making your purchasing decisions.

Recorded on Monday, February 12, 2024.


Recorded Webinar- Relighting Your Programming Fire: Combatting Job-Related Burnout and Guilt to Make Programming Fun Again

Relighting Your Programming Fire: Combatting Job-Related Burnout and Guilt to Make Programming Fun Again

Planning programs is a lot of fun, but it is also a lot of work. When working with a small budget, struggling with other responsibilities, and trying to please your community, you can very quickly find yourself on the path to burnout. It's not easy to feel passionate and excited about planning programs when you're running on empty. So let's make programming fun again!

In this webinar, Chelsea Price, tiny library director and author of 209 Big Programming Ideas for Small Budgets, offers up strategies for combatting burnout and feelings of job-related guilt, helpful resources for relighting your programming fire, and awesome program ideas to fit any budget.  

Learn how to handle a bad case of the "shoulds" and how to rethink productivity during these trying times. Staff from libraries of any size will feel invigorated and inspired, with a long list of resources and ideas! 

Recorded on Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Recorded Webinar- Big Programming Ideas for Small Budgets

Big Programming Ideas for Small Budgets

The town of Meservey, Iowa has fewer than 250 residents and a tiny budget to match. Despite that, their public library has more than tripled their program attendance numbers in the last five years by hosting a number of memorable yet budget-friendly events. Director Chelsea Price, author of 209 Big Programming Ideas for Small Budgets, will share lots of ideas for hosting inexpensive or free programs at your library, as well as discuss the importance of outreach and passive programming.

Recorded on Tuesday, March 14, 2023.

Recorded Webinar- Connections: How Libraries Can Combat Loneliness

Connections: How Libraries Can Combat Loneliness

Loneliness and social isolation are rampant in America, according to many experts, exacerbated by COVID. The Center for Disease Control calls loneliness an epidemic, and says it has a higher morbidity rate than obesity (about the same as smoking two packs of cigarettes a day). Libraries can use programming to address this significant mental (and physical) health condition.

The Oceanside Library has created a program to combat social isolation/loneliness. The program, Connections, crosses all demographics and includes passive as well as active programming.
The presentation will address:
• Identification of existing programs which have an anti-loneliness component in them
• Creation of programs which have anti-loneliness as a key function
• Adjusting programs to have an anti-loneliness component

Recorded on Thursday, September 7, 2023. 

Recorded Webinar- Serving Diverse Children in Your Library via Inclusive Cultural Programs & Outreach

Serving Diverse Children in Your Library via Inclusive Cultural Programs & Outreach

Do you practice cultural humility in your library? Do you know how to plan and promote programs and outreach activities for diverse groups of children and their families? How do you avoid unintentionally stereotyping cultural groups in your programming? Where can you find resources for planning the best programs that celebrate cultural diversity and connect children and families from diverse cultural backgrounds? This webinar helps librarians establish a foundation for understanding how cultural bias influences library services to diverse youth while exploring strategies and resources for program planning and outreach.

Recorded on Monday, September 25, 2023. 

Recorded Webinar- Security for Rural Librarians: Staying Safe at Work When Help is Far

Security for Rural Librarians: Staying Safe at Work When Help is Far

Library staffers who work in a large urban or suburban library have the benefit of many co-workers, PICs, supervisors, managers, department heads, and directors to call on for immediate help, enforcing policies, and support, especially when it comes to dealing with challenging patron behavioral concerns. There is safety in numbers in larger branches, where you can change the ratios of confrontation and get help right away, including from branch security officers or local law enforcement. If you work in a rural library location — which can be defined as: having a police or sheriffs response that could be 20 minutes to two hours away; working alone or with only one or two other colleagues in the building; working in a one-room facility, with only one entrance/exit door — you need to consider every available safety and security optionThis webinar is here to help.

AUDIENCE: This webinar program is for all library employees who work in rural areas, as well as the library leadership that supervises these facilities, especially from a distance.


  • Trusting your intuition when working alone. Should you stay or go?
  • Setting up help systems: phone trees, code words, exit and evacuation plans.
  • Improving your physical security: cameras, panic alarms, better door hardware, remote locking devices, safe rooms.
  • The value of Security Incident Reports.
  • How to get better results from your law enforcement agencies.
  • How would you handle patron scenarios that only rural libraries have to deal with?

Recorded on Monday, October 16, 2023. 

Recorded Webinar- Rediscover Why You Are Here

“Rediscover Why You Are Here” webinar with Priscilla Berggren-Thomas

Many of us were feeling burned out before Covid, and it’s only gotten worse. Between the challenges of the pandemic, sometimes dwindling budgets and circulation statistics, the undeniable amounts of inequality throughout the country and growing levels of misinformation, more and more it seems that revitalizing libraries requires also revitalizing ourselves and our staff. Along with the need for self-care, Simon Sinek’s book Start with Why offers library workers a way to re-envision why we are here and why it matters. What is a library’s reason for existing? And why have we chosen to be part of that movement? Come learn and be part of a discussion to rediscover what matters to us as librarians and as individuals.

Recorded on Tuesday, October 24, 2023.