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Construction: Reduced Match Criteria

A guide to the New York State Public Library Construction Aid Program


Reduced Match Criteria for 4CLS Libraries

  • 15% or more of the population below poverty line
  • 50% or more of student enrollment eligible for free or reduced school lunch
  • Unemployment rate above the state average
  • Other relevant factors - If a library feels that it is serving an economically disadvantaged community, but does not meet the above criteria, they may present evidence to be considered by 4CLS.

Approved by the 4CLS Board 3/25/2019

4CLS will determine a library's eligibility after submission of their Intent To Apply Form.

Libraries not eligible under the first three criteria are encouraged to present information for qualification under option 4.

Possibilities include:

  • Graduation Rates
  • Literacy Level
  • Access to Broadband
  • Median Income

Check the Census Bureau for stats that can help make your case